Feelings Lead To Healing

After picking up our young grandsons on a hot 101 degree summer day, we arrived home to a warm house, so we cranked up the air conditioner, and cooled it down to a nice 75 degrees. As we stepped inside the house, our oldest grandson; 3 1/2yr. old Logan, ran to the back door and said he wanted to play in the kiddy pool. I began going in and out of the sliding glass door into the backyard setting up the kiddy pool, along with getting all the necessary items for a fun time outside. On one of my trips inside the house, my husband very frustrated, angry and with a face of indignation asked, “Why can’t you keep the door closed?” Shocked because this wasn’t my sweet husband’s disposition at all, I let him finish and then said to him very calmly, (knowing I wasn’t dealing with my husband, but rather his ego,) “Instead of attacking me, why don’t you say; when you leave the door open it makes me feel like…!” He finished my sentence with “like you don’t care about the electric bill!” I explained that wasn’t the case at all, and that it’s easier for me to keep the door open for a few minutes, while I’m setting things up!” Now that I know it’s so important to him, I will consciously shut the door, it’s really not a big deal.

In order for me to naturally respond to his ego, rather than letting my ego react, and in turn cause us to get into a big fight, I had to learn that we are 3 in 1 beings. We are spiritual beings of: light, love, peace, joy, gentleness, goodness, kindness, patience, etc. But we have a 2 part ego; the Fearful Victim and Angry Protector. When the Fearful Victim is triggered with it’s assumptions, the Angry Protector will kick in and react to those feelings by attacking.

The egotistical mind does all it can to ignore feelings through: avoiding, repressing, suppressing, and coping etc. Instead it simply wants to react and attack those who are seemingly causing us to feel negative feelings.

When we know that most people are operating from the egotistical mind, that’s constantly reacting to what they are feeling, rather than pausing to recognize the feelings, process them, and then respond, we can help them come back to their True Self by simply remembering during an egotistical attack, that this is not their True Self, this is their ego! Let them say what they are going to say and then tell them; “Instead of attacking me, maybe you could say; when you do that, it makes me feel this way.” What this does, is to force them to over ride the egotistical mind, tap into what they are feeling, which will cause them to come back to their right mind/True Self, and in turn will take power away from the ego that is looking for a fight and instead bring understanding and unity.

Gypsy Spirit (aka Rhonda Ferguson)


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